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Texas created the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to identify and financially support innovative projects related to the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. CPRIT’s mission includes investing in Texas-based startup and early-stage oncology companies to narrow the funding gap (sometimes referred to as the “valley of death”) between discovery and commercial development.

A statewide vote of Texans in 2007 created CPRIT and constitutionally authorized the state to issue $3 billion in taxpayer-backed general obligation bonds to fund cancer prevention and the research and development of innovative methods to detect, treat and cure cancer. A second statewide vote in 2019 reauthorized CPRIT and increased the total general obligation bond issuance by another $3 billion, for a total of $6 billion.

Product Development Research

CPRIT’s Product Development Research Program funds projects at Texas-based companies developing novel products or services intended to benefit cancer patients. Groundbreaking science is most valuable when it is translated into cancer drugs, diagnostics, and therapies that are available to all Texans. Product development activities convert novel laboratory findings into a safe and reliable product available to treat cancer patients. CPRIT supports projects that accelerate the development of promising research discoveries through the crucial early stages of regulatory development.

Current Requests for Applications (RFA)

CPRIT is the largest state cancer research investment in the history of the US and one of the largest cancer research and prevention programs in the world.

CPRIT has invested in 1,967 cancer research and prevention projects across Texas at:

  • 40 institutions
  • 36 community organizations
  • 62 companies